Sunday, 27 April 2008

Ash and Ian

Posted by: Ian Angell

Ash Khanna and I have worked together on a number of research and teaching projects over the past three years, and tomorrow (April 28th) he is returning to India.

During that time we have had many enjoyable discussions about various topics in the application of computing in business - we intend to continue our debates electronically. Over a most enjoyable farewell lunch today (at the Benares Restaurant in Berkeley Square - highly recommended) we came up with the idea of running this blog jointly. From today, each entry will carry the name of the author(s) - and if the piece is by a sole author, then the other will add comments.

We have had many (friendly) differences of opinion over the years, and we often bring our students on the Techno-legal course at LSE in on the debate. It seemed like a good idea if we continued this process, although now we want to broaden the discussion to include everyone who reads this blog.


Govind said...

The two of you have been an inspiration. All the best Ian and Ash ! I lookforward to the mindblowing stuff that the two of you are going to write and about !

Mobina said...


Cant wait to see more of this!! Instead of working, I'm reading your blog, typical consultant right? - I justify it and call it "continuing LSE studies." Ian did always say take a stand, just make sure you can justify it!

Ash - good luck in India ;->