Friday, 25 April 2008

Another Government Cockup

This blog is just in case anyone missed this latest government ‘cockup’ (taken literally).

According to a spokesman, the Office of Government Commerce is “an organization that's looking to have a firm grip on government spend!” They spent £14,000 on a new logo:

It was to appear on pens, mouse mats etc. (It’s best not to ask why a government organization needs to go in for all this branding nonsense!). Anyway, it only took a moment for staff to turn the logo through ninety degrees and for hysterical laughter to break out all across the office.

Whoever designed this logo must also have thought that government is just a bunch of “w*****s”. Look out for the OGC branded material on e-Bay; staff can’t believe their luck over their windfall.

This is yet another example of 'residual category' mentioned below, and the 'tunnel vision' of control freaks who don't understand that the rest of us, by taking a different perspective, may see the world differently.

1 comment:

Govind said...

OGC - Only Govt Cockups ? I am still rolling with laughter !